Hey. I know this wiki is too unpopular but lets just say,Instead of that lets respect the rules. Since is too unpopular sadly..We just scare that new user come and disrespect and get a ban. We must become a better wiki.

The Rules For Chat:

1.Don't Spam

2.Don't Use Caps

3.No Flame/Rage War

4.Don't Insult

5.Don't Gossip

6.Do not argue with chat Moderator or Admin in chat

7.Respect each other

8.Don't post inappropriate links

9.Chat moderators and admins, do not kick or ban people without valid reason

10.Using emoticons is allowed (no spamming)

11.Don't advertise

12.Don't show off or brag

13.Don't force people to do or say something


Rules For Edits and community:

1.Don't use caps and spam in the comment section.

2.Don't advertise in the comment section..

3.Don't post rude/sexual content.

4.Picture MUST be related to Touch Tanks.

5.Don't vandalize pages.

6.Don't spam people's message walls.

7.No insult.

8.No hacks


Hope you enjoy the wiki :)