Cyrenaica is one of the first maps that was in the original Touch tanks FS5, alongside with Hurtgen. It is a small map set in a desert environment in north Africa. 

Some attributes
Added 1.0.0
Size Small
Ranks All ranks
Other attributes


The map is set in a desert environment, with entirely open spaces (excluding several buildings in the northwest and southeast of the map). In the center there are 3 large hills that go in a direction south-north, and make movement difficult. Several small hills are located on the far north of the map. Vegetation dominates the south of the map, while in the southeast, a complex of building makes for great camping ground.


Combat depends on how well your tanks is prepared for open combat. Slow tanks can be easily outgunned by fast, more maneuverable tanks. Mines are best placed at the northwest buildings, where one of the spawnpoints if located, as well as in the vegetation around the southeast buildings.