El-Alamein is a large map first added in Touch Tanks Europe. The map is set on the Egypt coastline, where the famous WWII battle for El-Alamein occurred.


This map is very similar to Stalingrad, with both a large open space, and closed urban space. The large open space occupies the middle part of the map, and is dominated by uneven terrain. South of this area is another open space surrounded by houses, with 2 hills. On the north side of the map is the town, and on the far north is the sea (inaccessible).


El Alamein
Some attributes
Added 2.2.0
Size Large
Ranks All ranks, but be wary of higher ranks
Other attributes

This map is often played by veteran and top-notch players, so caution is advised. Generally, any rank with any tank will suffice in this map, faster tanks with higher offense will be great in the open ares, while slower tanks with greater defense will find the town to be an ideal camping spot.