Hurtgen is the first map ever added in Touch Tanks(including Touch Tanks:FS5).It usually has many beginners

Birds Eye view of Hurtgen
Some attributes
Added 2.0(came in original Touch Tanks:FS5)
Size Small sized map
Ranks This map was made for all ranks
Other attributes
roaming in it,with the exeption of an ocasional high ranked player.


Hurtgen may be the smallest map,but there are 2 capture points on both sides in Team Play.Many people seem to target them, as you can use this as an advantage and shoot the players waiting for the points.

In Deathmatch, it is recommended to place a lot of mines on the village road, and also in the trees. Camping is great, because of the great tree camouflage.

It is recommended to have a balanced tank, easy or medium. High defense and stealth are great in this map.