Kiev is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular map in this game. Usually the most populated servers that feature this map are Deathmatch, so be wary of campers and high rank players.

The map is set in downtown Kiev during the Nazi invasion in 1941.

Birds eve view of the Kiev Map
Some attributes
Added Version 2.1.0
Size Medium
Ranks High ranks
Other attributes


This map is 100% urban. There are two areas that are more opened up (possibly parks) located northwest and southeast of the center of the map. The map features strait roads surrounded by buildings.


Due to this map being 100% urban, standart tactics for open-field combat won't work here. Use the buildings to your advantage. Hide behind a building and aim at the road in front of you. Place mines ahead of you if the enemy you encounter can't be destroyed on time.

In this map, players tend to deploy a manifold of land mines, so beware. Place mines in hidden corners to gain an advantage over your enemy.