Light Tank

Light tank and your first tank

Light tanks are your first tanks. They possess little armor,speed,power and other features.

Light tanks are used early in combat,as they won't do much good against strong enemies.Most players often switch to Medium and Heavy tanks as soon as possible.

It is highly recommended that when you reach a sufficient rank,you buy a heavier and stronger tank.


Since light tanks are slow,it is recommended to battle with other slow tanks. If you come across any heavy tanks, the best thing to do is to retreat. YOU WILL NOT WIN IN A STRAIGHT UP FIGHT WITH A HEAVY OR EVEN MEDIUM TANK.

If you are an heavy tanker, tanks in the light category are a good enemy that can be easily defeated.


  • A.12 Matilda II
  • T-26 37
  • M13 40
  • CHAR B1
  • A.15 Crusader
  • M14 41
  • A.27L Centaur