Market Garden is a new map added in is located very close to Hurtgen,but it is set a few months later in time. This map is the second largest map in the game,about 90% the size of Stalingrad.

Market Garden
Market Garden
The Market Garden map from a bids eye view
Some attributes
Added Version 5.1.0
Size Big
Ranks Recomended for higher ranks,Captain 1st or higher
Other attributes


Combat on this map is all about 2 things:

1)Speed-using the run&gun method to quickly eliminate enemies and run away

2)Camping-hiding in the tree areas,deploying mines near you and waiting for a tank

While the first method will give you more kills,the second one will make you die less often.The tress that you hide in might have mines deployed by other players,so enter with caution.

Camping SpotsEdit

Here are some of the camping spots in this game: