Stalingrad is the third map in Touch Tanks Europe. It is the largest map,with over twice the size of Kiev,and about the same as Market Garden. The battle takes place in the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) where the decisive battle of WWII on the east and whole occurred. 

The Stalingrad map from a bids eye view
Some attributes
Added Version 3.1.0
Size Big(Largest in the game)
Ranks Recomended for higher ranks,Captain 1st minimum
Other attributes


The map consts of a large open area in the middle, mostly the Volga river, and a few snowy hills on it. On the left side if the main part of the city, consisting of dozens of building, and even two tunnels on the far north. On the right side of the Volga is the smaller part of the city with just a few buildings. 


Combat on this map is all about seeing your enemy.Enemies may come from behind,and enemies that have Super Sight Radar can see you faster.

Most of the combat takes place on the Volga, and in the main part of the city.It is recommended to have a fast tank,with good defense.